U-Scan Gadget: A Personal Device To Turn Your Toilet Into A Urine Lab!


You may have seen many weird gadgets, but do you know about U-Scan Gadget, which turns your home toilet into a urine lab? Well, we know you haven’t heard about it yet. At CES 2023, the health tech company announced a unique device called “U-Scan” and people are driving crazy! It is hard to believe that this smart device analyzes your pee as comfortably as you feel doing that in a toilet seat. The pebble-shaped U-Scan gadget simply fits in a toilet bowl to capture your urine. Further, it examines it internally by cartridges, which also assess various biomarkers.

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U-Scan Gadget: A Weird But Useful Pee Detector

Through the Withings Health Mate app, users can simply check the results and share them further with their doctor. However, U-Scan is not only for one-off urine analysis, but more! Your urine contains useful information about your fitness, health, and fertility. Moreover, the easy-to-use device also allows users to monitor nutrition, hydration, vitamin levels, metabolism, and menstruation/ovulation. Also, all your health data is compliant with the GDPR privacy regulations of Europe.

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