In last few years mobile applications have changed everything in the digital world and in normal world as well. Mobile app technology now has become a requisite need for every business to compete and grow fast in the ongoing flaming market. There are millions of applications in the store and all have the same goal to top the chart but some make it while others not. What it takes an app to get noticed by the users?

Advertising the app is the best way you can share about your product to the user but getting viral is the thing that no one can question its potential. Sharing through the mouth or directly by the user is the most influential thing ever. Social media has proven that the user can promote or broadcast at extreme level that we could never imagine.

If you want your app to be viral among the user and want them to share it with the others, you need to know  5 principles.

Before going in deep with key ingredients of making an app viral you should make sure your app contains these 4 necessities

  • It should have something interesting and valuable to share
  • It is embedded with the easiest way the user can share with their friends and others.
  • It must have some credits or prize for the user for sharing it with others.
  • The more user uses the app, the more credit to them.

All things depend on the content or what you offer to share you should be confident about the content. Most of the users are interested in sharing the content created by themselves.

Here are 5 key points that help you in making your app go viral

Virality isn’t about marketing your app, it’s about how much users are indulging in the app content and sharing it with others directly.

Effortless User Interface

This is the first thing that makes an influence on the user visited on the app and expects it to be simple. No one likes the complicated process as it’s a digital era we live in. You need to make sure that the flow of the app should be smooth and simple and the user gets the things with minimum clicks. The design and functionality should be effortless and the user gets immersed in the app while operating. This seamless and easy go app flow is the reason why you and your friends spent hours of time on Pinterest. For example, you should provide a one-click login to the users via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

Reward The User

You need to give certain rewards to the user oftenly on specific behaviors. Giving some gift on the decided actions which attract the users to act on these tasks. This is the basic psychological tactic to get the maximum user through users. You can ask the user to share the apps with their friends in return for some prize accordingly. Inviting others and sharing your app with the friends should be users daily action and for that, you should grant them with something valuable.

Reward Points that you need to give to the user to earn their referrals could be extra storage, a new character, free themes, a free upgrade, discounts and sample sizes. You can customize the gift according to your service and offer them to the users.

Be Transparent to The User

Virality is all about being transparent to the user and provide them all info. You should explicitly inform the user what content will be shared and what they can control the app. If a user finds out something have shared on the social network against their will it will be a disaster for your app. There should be full transparency in the content flow of the app and try to give more control to the user over the content sharing.

Keep Ringing The Doorbell

You should recall the user very often about the app and its functionalities. Don’t wait for the user to use your app try to pull them to open the app. Use push notifications and keep sending alluring offers and information that tempt them to open the app. Try to send messages that include the reminder about sharing the app with friends which draw them gifts.

Gather the information of the individual users what they mostly search and interact with the app and use them to attract them. People keep talking about the app till it maintains its recall value among them.

Need To Be Useful To the Single User Also

Some users won’t hit the share button instantly and enjoy sharing the content. They need to use it first for some time in order to get convince themselves it worth sharing on the social platform. Believe there is a huge portion of this type of users around the globe, you need to make sure your content is good enough for the lone person also. Basically, the content should be good enough not only for sharing but a single person can also enjoy without sharing to the others. This feature isn’t the necessity actually but it will definitely help you in boosting the number of users.

Final Chapter

These things don’t magically provide you the tons of users over the night, it’s only the core feature and functionalities that matter most. But you can use these methods in order to accelerate the speed and chance of them going viral. People trust the words of mouth most and take them seriously which ultimately makes the thing viral within no time.


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