Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar confirms that their Spider-Man PS4 game is an original story, rather than an adaptation of an existing Spider-Man comic book story. A few details about the story, such as the villains involved, were revealed at E3 last month, but the bulk of the plot remains under wraps.

Spider-Man is expected to be a comeback of sorts for the web-slinger in video games. Many Spider-Man games from the early 2000s were met with acclaim, especially with regards to their open-world exploration of New York City, but those titles were from a time long past. The new Spider-Man takes the open-world concept to a whole new level, with its scope being larger than any of its predecessors. The game also appears to be a Spidey version of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series, slightly mirroring some of the combat and stealth. With all these revelations, only a few key points about the game’s story have been disclosed so far. But it seems that fans can’t look to the comics for answers this time around.

On his Twitter, Bryan Intihar responded to a fan’s inquiry about the story, one that asked which Spider-Man comics the game will take cues from. In response, Intihar succintly wrote, “It’s an original story.” So far, it’s known that Spider-Man will be well into his superhero career, that Mary Jane will serve an important role, and that he will be pit against a new version the Sinister Six, presumably led by Doctor Octopus. Whatever route Insomniac chooses to take, there is certainly plenty of source material featuring all the above criteria that they can draw inspiration from.

An original story could be the right way to go. Spider-Man’s origins have certainly been done a number of times. The games have even explored multiple universes in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. How exactly Insomniac plans to separate this game from the other games’ stories, however, remains to be seen. It has already been confirmed that the game exists in its own pocket Marvel universe, with Avengers Tower already spotted in the skyline. Perhaps Insomniac is simply laying the groundwork for what might become a series, one featuring even more Spider-Man rogues and might explain the absence of Venom. Perhaps Venom and others are being saved for a sequel.


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