Robots At CES 2023: Your Smart, Cute, and Helpful Bots Are Here!


Where small to big tech companies take part at CES, people see a lot of innovation and next-gen technologies. A few companies unveiled robots at CES 2023, and people are driving crazy. This year, robots are stealing the show, which is cute, smart, and useful too! From pet robots to weird automatons to farming bots, the event showcased bots, bots, and bots! Yearly, companies like Samsung and LG showcase top-notch robotics at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but this year is totally special! Read more to know what exactly we are talking about!

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Robots at CES 2023

Some breathtaking robotics are released for the public debut at the event, and we are actually excited to present them to you! Below are the robots at CES 2023 you will like to know-

1. Dog-E: Cute, Adorable, Friendly

Dog-E robot

One of the cutest robots at CES 2023, Dog-E is not just another dog! Having a unique personality, Dog-E features more than 1 million combinations of light, sounds, and personality traits. Furthermore, if your kids are demanding a dog, let them introduce them to the latest breed in the market! No fuss, no big space needed, and no more time to pamper! Talking the Dog-E price, it may come with a price tag of $80. We think it’s worth it, right?

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2. ExactShot: A Robot Planter by John Deere

ExactShot robotic

If you don’t know, John Deere is a regular exhibitor at the CES event. Every year, the tractor-maker reveals the latest tech products that make farming more efficient and sustainable. John Deere’s robots at CES 2023 are actually helpful and make sense! ExactShot is full of sensors, that effectively detect and fertilize seeds. Moreover, it cuts down on the waste linked with the traditional scattershot fertilization methods.

The next robotic will help you park your car!

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