Nowatch Smartwatch is a Fitness Tracker Without A Display: Details


Having you heard of the wristwatch that doesn’t tell time? Well, the weird but beautiful “Nowatch Smartwatch” is a new innovation in the market. Basically a health-oriented timepiece, the watch is more intelligent than you actually think! Moreover, the company replaces the watch face with some materials associated with your fitness. Referring to itself as an “awareable”, the company’s mission is to push against overstimulation, stress, and anxiety.

In addition, the co-founder of the company Hylke Muntinga got motivation after he was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. In an interview at CES 2023, Muntinga said that five years ago, he lost 5 of his friends within a year. Further, after two and a half years, he started to go blind because of a rare disease called PXE. From there, the company got its motivation and created Nowatch.

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