After making a booming debut of “Switch,” Nintendo extended the handheld devices family by launching the upgraded 2DS XL. The suffix “XL” says it all. The new device sports refurbished processor, C-Stick catalog, and two more keys. The principal motive of adding these features are to enable 2DS XL to support all the new games designed to work with Switch. The move of launching this device may have come as a surprise to many, but Nintendo planned the welcome edition as a measure to keep afloat in the mid-segment market of handheld gadgets. 2DS XL is the best model in Nintendo efforts to dominate gaming consoles arena.

Everything about Nintendo 2DS XL journey

The new 2DS XL comes in a crisp design and vibrant color which makes it an attractive gadget. And why not? If your target audience is young generation then you need to add an extra bit of everything.

Nintendo DS model offers 4.18” and 4.88” screen sizes on this model and the best part is that it comes wrapped in glossy touch and looks much better than New 3DS. The screen size of has XL has been expanded by almost 82 percent, which certainly pushes it ahead of its competitors. Other then this, Nintendo hasn’t made any major changes in terms of brightness or responsiveness in the display. It’s not about just the screen size, the company has also added new hardware of the new gadget. 2DS XL is powered by the same chipset found that is found on the New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

Earlier the camera was fixed at the top lid of 2DS, but this time Nintendo has placed it bottom of the console. The microSD slot and game cartridge slot has been clubbed on the front side and to protect from any unintended damage, the slots are covered by a flap. The above-mentioned modifications are already a part of New 3DS and New 3DS XL gaming consoles. Unlike its previous sibling, the new 2DS XL supports 3D experience for the users, but with the condition of wearing 3D glasses.


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