MS Office Crashing On Windows 11? Here’s the Quick Fix by Microsoft!


Is your MS Office Crashing On Windows 11? If yes, then this article will provide an easy fix, officially by Microsoft! Well, Win 11 (and past versions) were never free of bugs and issues. Moreover, the latest problem lies with MS office, crashing frequently. Further, crashing problems are getting normal after the system restore. Because of this, many users are forced to go for a hard reset. With recent solutions like Intel Unison App to Sync iPhone with Win 11 PC and Bringing Back Old Taskbar, we are here with a solution for crashing apps.

Basically, users are getting “this app can’t open” if they try to open apps like Paint, Cortana, Notepad, and MS Office. In many cases, apps open, but are unresponsive or crash after opening. Moreover, users with Windows 11 2H22 patch are facing this issue. Equally important, the problem grew after the System Restore tool. Read further to get the fix!

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