Till now, we have seen smartphones, smartwatches, smart Home Pods, and smart trackers. The everyday innovations bring some or the other gadget that stuns us with its cutting-edge features. But, what about a Ring? Yes, that too a “smart ring” with features that would compete with any other gadget on any given day. Here, I will be discussing “Motiv Ring.” A ring is a perfect gadget for people who hate to carry smartphone or fitness watch while they are out for some kind of workout. 

It’s is really surprising to see a fitness tracker of such a size. The Motiv’s fitness trackingincludes own battery, heart rate sensor, and an accelerometer. The ring is an absolute mixture of titanium and plastic that lets this fitness tracker work flawlessly in any condition. The only condition that binds Motiv to a narrow lane is its only sync compatibility with iPhones. In near future, we may come across the Android supported rings, but as of now, there is no word on the same. The sync can be done through Bluetooth to your iPhone and will assist you to track steps, sleeping time, and heart rate. In short, your fitness buddy.

One area where Motiv takes some lying down is the notification part. It has no indicator lights or vibrations to let the user know about any feedback. You have to manually check it for tracked figures. The only indicator provided by the company is for charging when an LED changes its colour while charging. Just like MacBook, Motiv magnetically gets attached to the USB charging dongle. The company doesn’t offer AC adaptor in the accessories.

The feature of Motiv’s easy-to-wear fitness ring that amazed me the most is its battery backup. Unlike smartphones and other fitness gadgets, Ring comes stacked with three days battery pack. To serve the everyday purpose, the ring is waterproof that lets you carry out your routine work with much hassle.


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