Now You Can Measure Your Height Using iPhone App: Steps


Steps To Measure!

Measure App

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However, the accuracy may be affected by many factors like a person’s posture and lighting. For the best accuracy, have a good lighting conditions and stand straight. Below are the steps to perform measurement-

1. Simply open the “Measure App” and follow any instructions displayed onscreen. It will ask you to move your device around the premises. This way, it gives your device a frame of reference for the measuring object and the surface.

2. You need to keep on moving your device until a circle appears with a dot in the center. Further, keep your device moving, so that the dot is over the starting point of the measurement. Now, tap the “Add” button.

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3. Slowly and steadily, move your device until that dot is over the ending point of the measurement. Now, time to tap the “Add” button again.

4. After you are done with the measurement, you can now adjust its starting & ending points. Now, touch and hold one of the points. Further, drag it where you want it to go! As you move the point, the measurement changes.

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