Lenovo smartly understands the influence of fictional characters and comic movies over this generation. This is why the company uses the Star Wars: The Last Jedi to offer its little-mixed reality toy for gaming. Lenovo launched the Star Wars Jedi Challenges kit for the fans. The kit enabled the users to get into the fighting mode and become the Jedi to fight using the lightsaber. Yes, all the weapons are given in the kit to embrace your Star Wars craze. However, Lenovo’s Star Wars kit didn’t use the VR technology instead it works more like the Hololens based on the AR. The headset in the kit uses the AR to overlay the enemies and challenges in front of you for defeating them using your blade skills. The Star Wars Augmented Reality fight will cost you $200 and the Star War kit will give you a helmet with half mirrored lenses, a rechargeable lightsaber, and a glowing ball to track your space. 

In order to claim your victory in the Star War, you need to place your phone playing the Star Wars Jedi Challenge game in the headset. The headset will place the holographic image in the AR to make you feel like you’re in the arena. While holding the lightsaber you can move around and keep fighting with the enemy. The small ball will be placed at the ground to track the room’s space in order to manage the holographic in respect to your movements. Your entire Jedi challenge is wrapped into three different difficulties across a number of planetary themes. With the help of motion-based lightsaber, you will fight Stormtroopers, Sith lords and battle droids head to head.

You will be playing one player mode in the game against these challenges, there is also a puzzle-solving mode to give you more realistic experience. Another mode is tower defencing in which the whole battlefield will be taking place beneath you on the floor and your lightsaber will be used to place Jedi and turrets against the enemies. The whole fight will look like miniatures buzzing into each other and everything is happening at your feet.


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