5 iOS 16 Hidden Features In 2023 You Can Try On Your iPhone!


iOS 16 Hidden Features in 2023 You Don’t Know


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Below are the 5 best iOS 16 hidden features in 2023 that you will simply love to discover and use on a daily basis. Thank us later!

1. Measure and Level tool

Your Apple device could fulfill the purpose of a measuring tape and level tool. Yes, you read it absolutely correctly! iPhone users can measure objects using the rear camera. They can also use the level tool to effectively check the surface angle of any object. However, you need a good lighting conditions to perform the same.

2. Text Via Note App

Your iPhone has a preloaded Note app, but you can do more than just for typing an important note. Moreover, your iPhone got a hidden trick for having a secret conversation. It will let you send texts without letting anyone know about it. Moreover, you just have to turn a note into a secret place for hidden conversations by adding collaborators to it. In addition, you can even delete teh text messages for everyone.

3. Use FaceID with a Mask

Wearing masks is the new normal, thanks to the pandemic that ruled the world. Furthermore, it used to hinder smooth unlocking via FaceID. Assuming that you don’t know, iPhone 12 can see the face and even unlock your device even if the person is wearing a mask. Discover and enable it by toggling it ON in the Settings app of your iPhone.

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