iOS 16.2 Features: Do More With Your iPhone!


ios 16.2 is available from iPhone 8 and onwards after 2 months of beta testing. Here you will know about the amazing and unexpected ios 16.2 features you were waiting for a long. The last-minute features include Advanced Data Protection and Apple Music Sing. We have mentioned the top and new features of ios 16. Features like Live Activities got enhanced, followed by always-on display settings.

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iOS 16.2 Features To Know Right Away

Okay, below is a recap of ios 16.2 features you can use on your Apple iPhone and make the most of it. Moreover, the SharePlay support for Game Center is much appreciated this time. Read further to know more-

1. Apple Music Sing (iOS 16.2)

Apple Music Sing

Besides security features, we personally loved this among other ios 16.2 features. Apple Music Sing is an all-new feature, where you can sing along the tens of millions of songs on the app. It lowers the vocals so that you can sing along to the lyrics on the screen. The feature is compatible with an A13 chip or newer. Further, devices include iPads, iPhone 11 and newer, and the latest Apple TV 4K.

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2. Freeform App

Freeform App

Well, assuming that you love to draw, ios 16.2 features a new digital whiteboard app called “Freeform” that lets you draw and insert your sticky notes, shapes, photos, text boxes, links, and even PDFs. The app is available for teh Mac and iPad. Furthermore, you can also collaborate with your people in real-time via iMessage and Facetime.

There’s something unique added in “always-on display”, read next!

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