Download Intel Unison App to Sync iPhone & Android with Windows 11 PC (FREE)


It is easier to link your Android phone with a Windows 11 PC (and Galaxy Laptop) by using Microsoft’s Phone Link app, but it was lacking for iPhone users. However, there’s an Intel Unison app to sync iPhone & Android with Windows 11 PC. Intel has come up with a perfect solution to do that. With the announcement of the Unison app for iOS, Android, and Windows, it is now possible to link any OS device with your Windows 11 PC.

The Unison app was announced in November 2022, but available for users now. However, Intel claims that this app is available for “select Intel Evo Intel 12th Gen laptops“, people at WindowsCentral managed to install the Unison app on other PCs too. This also includes Qualcomm ARM-based ones. You can simply download the app from the Microsoft Store.

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