In order to make it hold on the Mixed Reality, Microsoft launches a new headset with its co-partner HP. Newly launched HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset is the latest member of VR devices family. The headset uses the Mixed Reality technology for putting the user in the Virtual world for experiencing the thrill. Competing with the Asus, Acer, and Dell under same technology-driven device competition this headset seems to be a best to date. Without wasting much time let’s dive into the specifications of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

The VR headset comprises 2.89 inches of dual LCD displays with the resolution 1440 X 1440 pixels. There is an HDMI and USB port, the HDMI port will help you to connect the VR headset to the big screens. Depending on the HDMI cable the headset provides refresh rates, if you are using the HDMI 2.0 it will be giving 90hz of refresh rate and in case oh HDMI 1.4 there will be 60Hz refresh rate. Along with the USB 3.0 is available which is also used for the charging purpose and a 3.5mm jack for audio output. Talking about the elementary sensor the headset contains the accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor.


Well, once you look at the headset you will start recalling the device that you may have seen in Netflix sci-fi drama series. The headset designs are sleek and perfectly crafted to give the pure definition of a VR headset. The black color matt adds another layer of decency to the device’s design. However, the ordinary looking design doesn’t hamper the comfort level of the headset. The HP Windows MIxed REality Headset comprises extra padded rubberized front and back for the users to have a hassle-free experience. In addition, the dial placed at the back of the double padded headband of the headset lets you adjust itself to easily find the right fit for your head.

Getting Started

The company also made sure about the quick setup and starting of the headset for the users. You just need to turn it on connecting to the PC or laptop and let the computer detect the headset. Once detected launch the Windows Mixed Reality Portal app and you will be good go.


Once you start playing the games you will start feeling that mixed reality is surrounding and eventually you become a part of it. Te display works quite well compared to another headset available in the market with the same specs and price. While playing the games you will you will forget that you are in the virtual reality. The controllers are pretty well in terms of performance, the act smooth and instant to your actions. However, you need to pay extra dollars for those controllers.  Along with this the most trackers also works goo, however, sometimes you may find issues with the tracker but considering Bluetooth as its connectivity channel it can be overlooked.

The Final Thought

The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset gives a satisfactory performance and justifies its cost. The motion tracker, controller, and headset work good and you will be lost in the game once you start playing. The headset has proven that the mixed reality can be enjoying the experience and have a lot of scope for the improvement.


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