Hide WhatsApp Messages Without Archiving (iOS & Android)


If you are looking for the perfect way to Hide Whatsapp Messages Without Archiving, then you are at the right place. The meta-owned instant messaging app is widely used across the globe. Furthermore, it is the most common way for easy communication between family and friends.

However, you also talk about some sensitive topics in your chat box, and you pretty much do not want others to peep into your chat rooms, right? For instance, your mom is asking for your phone for a WhatsApp call, but you are already talking on a private topic with your close friends on the App. So, how will you manage things?

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Hide Whatsapp Messages Without Archiving

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Don’t worry, were are here with the best way to Hide Whatsapp Messages Without Archiving. No matter whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, we will help both kinds of users simply hide their chats, and you don’t need to archive them. First, let’s learn about hiding on Android phones-

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Hide Whatsapp Messages Without Archive on Android Devices

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Follow these easy steps, hide chats instantly, and thank us later-

– Open the Whatsapp application and choose “Settings”

– Under “Account”, select “Privacy”

– Click “Fingerprint Lock” (Your options may vary on different Android phones you are using)

– Furthermore, toggle the option next to “Unlock Fingerprint” to another method (as appropriate)

– Now, simply select how soon WhatsApp will perform this security (when it is not in use). The available options are “Immediately”, After 1 Minute” or “30 Minuted”

Know how to hide WhatsApp messages in Apple iOS on the next page!

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