Google Chrome To Stop Working On Windows PC (Because of this Reason)


Gosh, Google just announced that Google Chrome to stop working on Windows PC. Don’t worry, here Google is not talking about all Windows users. Moreover, the decision for made for Windows 7/8/8.1 users. This will take effect from the next month. According to a Google Support Page, Chrome 109 (sadly) will be the last version to support these Windows versions. But what to do? Microsoft suggested getting a new PC with Windows 10/11 installed to continue enjoying Chrome.

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Google Chrome To Stop Working On Windows PC

Google Chrome browser

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The unexpected decision of Chrome discontinuation will tentatively take place from 7 February 2023. As stated, Chrome 109 will be the last version of the browser. That will support Windows 7/8/8.1! Moreover, Chrome 110 is tentatively scheduled for release on 7 February 2023. So, you will need to be sure which Windows version you are using.

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Further, old Windows users will not get any updates for Chrome and will have to use the older Chrome versions. Google wrote, “If you are currently using Win 7/8/8.1, we suggest you move your data to the current Windows version and continue getting the latest security updates”. Furthermore, if you keep on using the older versions of Chrome, your PC is at high risk of getting malware and viruses.

It’s time to buy another PC or upgrade your current Windows to 10 or 11. We know that such decisions are important if we talk about security, but people with older versions of Windows must be sad, ain’t they? Also, read about Intel Unison App to Sync iPhone & Android with Windows 11 PC (FREE)!


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