Can you imagine your smartphone without a messaging app? I Know the answer is a big no. Over the period of time, the chat apps have become smarter and faster for users to communicate efficiently. There are a number of chat apps available in the app stores that offer great speed, media transfer, and a bunch of features a chat app user would need. How about having artificial intelligence support that assists you while you are chatting with your friend? Yes, Google Allo is something like that, it comes with built-in Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence support from Google. The tech giant launched the app back in 2016 in order to compete with the contemporary messaging apps. Google Allo comes as a step from the company for pushing the chat apps to a whole new level with AI integration.

Google Assistant is embedded in Allo that assists the users while chatting and suggests them answers. In addition to this, the company also claims Allo to be faster and it is able to work more efficiently on limited internet speed compared to other chat apps. Google Allo seems to be a nice app that offers functionalities that no chatting app owns till date. So, let’s find out how good, the AI-equipped app performs? Here is our detailed review.

Once you install Google Allo from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store you just need to open it. Yes, Google has made the app available for both the operating systems, however, the tablet and the web version was launched later. After you install  Allo, it will ask you to enter your mobile number to set up your account similarly to any other chat app. You will have your account active in few minutes and you will see an excellent interface of Google Allo. The app doesn’t have any featured contact list, it just piggy banks the contact from your phone to add the same in the app list.

SMS Relay Or Notification

AI isn’t the unique thing Google is offering with the chat app, there is a feature called SMS Relay. As I have already mentioned, Allo syncs your phone’s contact list, the contacts (from your phone) even if not using Allo will also be showcased in the list. If these contacts are using an iPhone then you can still send them a message, which they will receive as an SMS having the contents of your message along with a link to download Allo. In case the recipient did not install the app he/she can reply via an SMS. However, the recipient with Android smartphone won’t receive the message as an SMS. Instead, the message will appear as a normal notification. The notification will have the message and a link to install Google Allo. The recipient can also reply to the message in the notification box without installing the app and it won’t even charge you.

Smart Replies

Google Allo is smart enough to figure out your behavior and your way of texting to give you suggestions within the messaging app. While talking to your friends you will get instant suggestions form Allo as smart replies that will save you from typing further. As you will start using Google Allo, it will learn more about you to provide you with precise but smart replies.

Meet Google Assistant

The only feature that is capable of pulling the users from other chatting apps is the Google Assistant. You can interact with the Assistant either one-on-one chat or you can type ‘@google’ in your group chats. You can ask anything to the Assistant and it will quickly reply you with the precise answer. The web search of Google Assistant is great, you will get the desired answers. It can tell you about everything including weather, nearby restaurants, traffic conditions on your way to home and the things for which you need to open the Google search. In addition, it also synchronizes with your Gmail, calendar, and other Google apps to notify you of the important tasks. Google Assistant also comes up with the follow-up questions whenever you ask anything. For example, if you will ask about the nearby weather, Allo will answer it with some follow up questions like the weather forecast for next week.

Incognito Mode

The chatting app also offers an additional feature named incognito mode, that triggers more options for the users. With this feature, the users can secure their chats via end-to-end encryption. The users are also allowed to send the auto expiring chats. The expiring chats will vanish after a predefined time given by the users. According to Google, using the incognito mode will restrain the Allo servers from storing any data including messages and the media.

The messaging app from Google scores good numbers on our review and possess some of the alluring features. If you haven’t used the app yet then you must download Google Allo now.


The one thing that Google offers much better than other existing chat apps is the stickers. The Allo possess a massive collection of stickers that seems enough to convey your expression over the chat. Moreover, there is a selfie sticker feature that let the users create their own stickers. Once you take the selfie as the feature asks, the app will start creating the stickers resembling your face.


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