FiiO BTR7 Portable DAC/Amplifier Supports Wireless Charging & More!


In the race for new gadgets, we are here with another one. It is a FiiO BTR7 Portable DAC/Amplifier with unique features. Back in January, we saw many gadgets at CES, that shocked the whole world with their unique functions. Moreover, featuring a tiny screen for displaying the audio volume and bitrate, the latest device also supports wireless charging for your smartphone. Furthermore, it also has built-in Bluetooth to connect it easily to your laptop or phone.

What’s more, it makes the audio sound a lot better on your wired headphones. If you connect it directly to your device, it supports audio files supporting up to DSD256 or 32-bit/384kHz (PCM). Equally important, it also supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). Further, if you pay for a lossless streaming device, this will be able to handle the most HI-FI tracks on your device.

Read about all features and specs on the next page!

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