Clear WhatsApp Storage Space (Memes, Messages, Videos) On Android!


Well, from the day to the night, you get a lot of messages and memes. If you want to clear WhatsApp storage space on Android, this blog will guide you step-by-step to easily do that. Are you getting daily good morning messages, festival wishes, or one-time memes? Okay, we know you are! But, how to clear these media (since it is taking unnecessary memory)? Moreover, it is a monotonous task to clear them out one by one, since you have a lot of groups and chats on the app. Now, dead further to know the easy steps!

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Steps To Clear WhatsApp Storage Space On Android

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Again, we value your storage space, and we don’t want you to fill it like crazy (even if you have 256 GB storage on your phone, that seems less with this unnecessary stuff on your device, right!). Here’s how you can easily clear WhatsApp storage space on Android, which includes videos, images, memes, and files using the “built-in stool” you already have. Here you go-

1. Simply open WhatsApp and tap the “Chats” tab. Now, tap on “More Options” AND then hit “Settings”.

2. Time to tap on “Storage and Data” and then the “Manage Storage” option.

3. On the top, you will find messages (that you have been forwarded countless times). Below, you will find files “larger than 5 MB”.

Read further to know the next easy steps!

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