Candela C8 Electric Boat Can Also Fly, Showcased at CES 2023!


A Boat With Efficiency

Candela C8 Concept

Delivering up to 30 knots (around 34 mph) speed, the electric-powered C8 is actually fast by boating standards. Though, the company still went through computer fluid dynamic simulations to effectively make it aerodynamic! Furthermore, Mahlberg added that it’s more like a design philosophy, but with more efficiency. Talking about the total range, it can go for 50 nautical miles (equivalent to 57 miles).

What’s more, the wings create kinetic energy to charge batteries by tilting up and down with the current. Finally, the boat comes with an expensive price tag of $390,000. For more information, you can visit the Candela official website.

Do you love boats? If yes, then we are confident that you would love to ride this unbelievable boat that flies too. What do you think about this showcase? We would like to know in the comment section. Also, read about Peugeot Inception EV Car Features 3D Printing on Textiles: CES 2023!


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