BMW i Vision Dee Car Lets You Change 32 Colors, Announced at CES 2023!


BMW i Vision Dee Car announced the concept at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Having the capacity of changing into 32 different colors, the company is playing just futuristic. At the event, we have seen many breathtaking gadgets and devices. From L’Oréal’s AR-based smart makeup gadgets to LG Signature OLED M3 TV’s fully wireless technology, the future is here. On the other hand, the leading automobile company just expanded the color concept to a full-color pallet.

The German auto brand unveiled the car concept at Consumer Electronics Show, leaving the ambiance awed! Like the iX Flow model revealed last year, this car features a breathtaking exterior made from an e-ink film. Having the capability of changing up to 32 different colors, the concept car allows customize your exterior like a futuristic painter.

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