Apple glasses

A company that Apple recently purchased has got people speculating that it could be working on a pair of AR glasses.

The advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality technology seem to have come almost out of nowhere. Objects that were the subjects of science fiction movies now not only exist, but they are readily available to the public and you can use them in the comfort of your own homes. Most of you reading this have likely tried VR and/or AR in a number of ways.

There is even an example of a piece of high-tech kit that you can wear all the time, if you so choose, so that your reality is always augmented. It’s called the Google Glass and you have likely heard of it. Google Glass has actually been around for quite a few years, however, due to problems with the prototype, Google stopped producing it and we are now awaiting the Google Glass Enterprise VR glasses

Google may be about to encounter some stiff competition in this field, however. As reported by Mashable, the company behind the iPhone recently acquired Akonia Holographics. Akonia has been around since 2012 and focuses on creating smart glass technologies. Now it is a part of the Apple family and it has got people speculating as to why.

Reuters approached Apple for comment on why it has joined forces with Akonia but it was characteristically tight-lipped about the situation. “Apple buys smaller companies from time to time, and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans,” is all a spokesperson for the company had to say on the matter. Apparently though, representatives at Akonia have been rather quiet for the past six months too, sparking rumors that the sale may actually have gone down a while ago.

Earlier this year, CNET reported that Apple was working on a headset that will combine both VR and AR, however, very little else is known about the project at this time apart from it will be finished in 2020. Perhaps the acquisition of Akonia is to help further that project as it will almost definitely utilize smart glass in some way.


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