Apple TV and Apple Music Apps (Beta) for Windows 11 are Available: Details


Yes, you read it correctly, Apple TV and Apple Music Apps (Beta) for Windows 11 are available! Last year, Microsoft announced bringing them to their Windows, and finally, it’s happening. Moreover, these apps are better optimized for the OS and also land with some interface tweaks. This is to have made it feel right for the PC experience. (also read about the upcoming Apple foldable phone)

With the Apple TV app, users will have a seamless streaming experience from Apple TV+, channels, and iTunes store, that too in 4K HDR. Furthermore, Apple TV+ includes all the original content like AMC+, Paramount+, Starz, Showtime, and more. As of now, users can only watch Apple content on their web browsers, until the app arrives (and it just got arrived!)

Know about the app features on PC on the next page!

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