Apple has updated their MacBook Pros to make them better than ever before but it comes with a high price tag. In fact, the top end models have skyrocketed the price to $6,700 at the most.

The prices for both the new 2o18 13-inch MacBook Pro and its 15-inch counterpart now range widely due to several hardware and software updates. While the beginning prices remain unchanged—going at $1,799 and $2,399 respectively—the prices have gone up dramatically should you add configurations. The $6,700 price tag for a 15-inch MacBook Pro is the highest available, making it one of Apple’s more expensive laptops.

Several features have been added to the newest MacBook Pros in order to raise the price so high. For an extra $400, consumers can increase the laptop’s RAM from 16G to 32G. In addition, upgrading the SSD storage from its start of 512 G will set you back anywhere from $400 to a whopping $3200, depending on which selection you choose. Adding Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X for immediate installation will set you back another $200 or more, depending on which program you choose, or if you add both programs on.

It’s understandable that even the most devoted Apple fanatic would balk at such a high price point for a laptop. After all, the giant tech company has slightly cheaper options available, such as the MacBook and MacBook Air. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that the $6,700 price tag only exists if the consumer selects the most expensive add-ons for their MacBook Pro. If you stay away from the upgraded add-ons, you can keep the price down enough to make it far more affordable.

Having said that, there will be consumers willing to pay for the most expensive configuration—whether it’s because they need better features or just want the best Apple laptop currently on the–market depends on what the customer needs. One thing’s for sure, more options are always welcome.


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