Apple Watch 3 is the latest wearable from the most valuable company in the world. The smartwatch came as a replacement for the watch series 2 that performed well in the market. Apple Watch series 3 also came with some design upgrade and more features. Apple Watch 3 is available in two variants one comes with cellular connectivity, and other have GPS. To replace the previous version, the latest edition comprises a new chipset, water-resistant casing, and modern fitness tracking features. Besides, the watch also runs on the WatchOS 4 the latest platform from the manufacturer. Apple is considered as the best smartwatch maker in the market, so let’s see is Apple able to hold the position with a new device or not?

Apple Watch Series 3 Design

  • Identical to Apple Watch 2

Apple did not play with the design pattern of its products much. However, the iPhone may have received some updates, but it is not the case with Apple Watch. The watch design has become iconic as no one has put stress on their eyes to recognize the Apple Watch from far. So, following the same pattern, the Apple Watch 3 is almost identical to the last iteration. The watch is available in two sizes 38mm and 42mm having the cellular connectivity. The antenna has been added to the Watch without compromising with the space of the display. Even after getting a little bit chunkier it still has the square and curved shape that makes it look like the same. Though there is a small change in the power button, you feel it firmer than the Apple Watch 2 while pressing. Apart from this, the Digital crown of Apple Watch 3 has a red dot on it which also differentiates it from Watch 2. Overall, the watch is light and more comfortable on the wrist with carrying the Apple Watch iconic design.

Apple Watch Series 3 Display

  • 1.65 inch AMOLED display

  • 390 X 312-pixel resolution

  • 3D touch

The Watch owns a 1.65 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display that comes with a 390 X 312-pixel resolution. The display is vivid and bright as always there is no problem with the display whether you are inside or go out. The 56.1% screen to body ratio is quite good for a smartwatch user with the 42mm display. In addition to this, the Apple Watch has 3D touch capability in its display that makes it more alluring. The screen of the watch by myself understands the situation and preserves battery by switching the display off. However, the algorithm embedded by Apple is enough to wake up the Watch up just by a little flick of your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 3 Specifications

  • Apple S3 chipset

  • Dual core processor

  • 16GB internal storage for LTE version in 8GB for GPS version

  • WatchOS 4

Apple Watch 3 comes with a new chipset form the company that makes it more potent than the previous models. The watch runs on Apple S3 chipset that is coupled with Dual core processor. However, there is no change in the core functionality of the watch if you have used the Apple Watch before then you will know that it works in the same way. Pressing the power button once will open up the menu of apps that you can go through. It is quite challenging to choose the right app among the whole collection, but you can zoom in for accuracy. Though you can start apps just by holding the digital crown and asking Siri for it, still some apps don’t support this way. The new chip incorporated by the company in Apple Watch 3 gives Siri more efficient speaking capability which is a nice touch. Imagine while driving you can reply to a text or go through anything just by asking Siri.

Moreover, the Watch is running on the smarter platform, Watch OS 4 which makes it faster and better. The app’s functionalities are stabilized now which gives an uninterrupted experience. Apple has incorporated a Taptic engine inside the watch that creates different vibration patterns to let you know which notification is buzzing. For example, there will be a different vibration for text, message or notification from your fitness app. So this will let you know whether it’s worth checking out the notification or not. The other noticeable update is the Torch or Flashlight, which makes the screen bright white that is enough to find your sleepers under the bed in dark.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features

After the Apple tag, the fitness features are the second reason to buy Apple Watches. The company has maintained its reputation for providing great fitness features with more enhanced options in Apple Watch 3. The heart rate monitor is more advanced than ever, and you will be amazed by the information it provides. The heart rate monitor will not only tell your heart rate but will also show the workout ranges, daily resting rate and create a graph to show you the improvement. Many of the apps can leverage this information for the providing better experience. In addition, Apple Watch automatically synchronizes the tracks that you frequently play on your phone, which saves your time and efforts.

Apple Watch Series 3 Battery

Apple has done an excellent job with Apple Watch Series 3 battery, there is a different running time for both the models of Watch 3. The non-LTE Watch can go on for almost 50 hours off the charge that is much better considering Apple 2 battery life. The LTE model, when connected to the phone, can keep up with the user for 24 hours on average use.

The Verdict

Apple Watch 3 is the best smartwatch from Apple until now, it has advanced fitness features and running on the latest platform. The Taptic Engine is the plus for the users, and the battery life is enough for a smartwatch. However there is not much to talk about the design though, Apple Watch 2 is just same in look. On the downside, the watch is too expensive for being a replacement for its previous iteration. There is a number of options available in the market that is offering the same performance and features with less price tag. Until unless you are an Apple fan, the Apple Watch 3 has a worthy competitor to consider.


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