5 Android Features Apple iOS Must Have in 2023! (Incl. Split-Screen)


Okay, we are not saying that Apple is lacking behind in terms of features. But, it would be really great if Android Features Apple iOS Must Have in 2023. Yes, we think the company is ignoring a few important features that an Apple user will love to have on the device. One of them is split-screen (yes, we know you too are curious to see this useful feature, right?).

Moreover, Android user is well aware of the freedom to do more with the OS, as compared to iOS. In addition, we know that it’s quite difficult for Apple to adapt new features (that Android already has), but we never know how Apple may surprise us in the near future!

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5 Android Features Apple iOS Must Have in 2023!

Wandering about Android features Apple iOS must have in 2023? Well, you are on the right page. Here are the 5 features iOS users will love to have on iPhone. Here you go-

1. Apps Split Screen Feature

Android split-screen feature

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We already know the multi-tasking freedom we get on Android smartphones, as compared to iPhones. Though we have seen betterment on iPhone 14 Pro with the newest Dyanamic Island, Apple users are still waiting for more control over other devices. Split-screen is an easy way of cutting the screen into two and using 2 apps at the same time. Furthermore, we at least expect this feature in the large screen iPhone like iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max.

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2. Magic Eraser Feature

Android magic eraser sample

From Samsung to Google to Vivo phones, Magic Erazer is a very common feature on Android devices. The features let us remove unwanted objects (like texts and even humans) from a photo, that too in a few simple steps. Equally important, iPhones can effectively remove the complete background, but it does not feature an object eraser. Let’s see, maybe we can get the feature in the iOS update in the future.

The next feature will give more freedom to iPhone users!

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