Android 14 OS: 4 Important Things Everyone Wants To See!


Okay Android users, what’s the next best thing you wanna see? Hopefully, it’s Android 14 OS. And, we can’t keep calm because we have already got information about its release in 2023. Google Already released Android 13 for Pixel devices (we hope you get that on your device too), not it’s time to expect something more from Android system update 14! However, no one has complete information about its upcoming features. But, at least we can expect (and people already are) the latest version!

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Android 14 OS: 4 Things People Want This Time

With many notable problems in the previous operation system versions (like no dedicated Wi-Fi & mobile network toggles), users are now expecting some of the crucial features to be featured again on Android 14 OS. Read further to know what-

1. Users want a dedicated Wi-Fi & mobile network toggle back

Dedicated Wifi and mobile network toggles on Android

Google changed the toggles settings in the last version. Moreover, it merged both Wi-Fi and mobile data options into a single toggle. As per users, the toggle is quite confusing to use (it actually is). Perhaps, disconnecting and reconnecting the Wi-Fi network becomes messy at times. Dear Google, bring it back!

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2. Users want the lock screen widgets back

Old Android 4.2 lock screen widgets

Equally important, users want the lock screen widgets back in the upcoming Android 14 OS. Apple already revealed the new iPhone lock screen, and it’s awesome! The widget lets many fancy personalization options for users. Furthermore, Android also focused on the same until KitKat. So, why not this time?

Wait, what? Users want this iPhone feature on Android phones? Read the last point!

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