All of us have been to the zoo at least once in our lifetimes as it is still one of the most popular family activities around the world. Although there are opposing views about them, they keep their existence.

Interestingly, there is a significant amount of money behind how these facilities are maintain and there is an economy of the animals, how they should be keep as healthy as possible, how they should be housed and so on. The below list will give you an idea about the most expensive zoo animals in the world and why they are that way.


Giant Panda, namely Ailuropoda melanoleuca in Latin, is the most expensive animal in the world to be keep under captivity. There are four zoos in the United States that display giant panda and these are in Memphis, San Diego, Washington, and Atlanta. The reason why the expense is so high is the leasing fee Americans have to pay to China annually is $1 million.

Giant pandas are five times more expensive than elephants because it is costly to produce the 84 pounds of bamboo it eats each day and keep the pandas’ environment safe. Originally coming from south-central China, these animals have black patches around their eyes, torsos, and ears making them one of the cutest animals in the world.


The second most expensive animals to keep in zoos are elephants according to Guinness World Records. Called Elephantidae in Latin, these mammals are the largest existing animals that live on land. Asian elephants can be between 18-21 feet in length and weigh up to eight tons. They are a major attraction for people of all ages. However, due to their size, they are costly when it comes to pools, buildings, transportation, and landscaping. Elephants’ lifespan varies between 60 years to 70. An elephant can eat for 18 hours constantly, making it highly costly to feed it.


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