Halsey couldn’t stop throwing her hands in the air at G-Eazy’s concert in Ohio on Aug. 23! Are G-Easy & Halsey reunite again!? Watch the sweet video below.

Halsey’s dance moves are a good indicator of where her current relationship with G-Eazy, 29, stands! The 23-year-old singer was seen dancing in the DJ booth, throwing her hands in the air, at G-Eazy’s concert in Columbus, Ohio on Aug. 23. Her happy-go-lucky moves showed no trace of her breakup with the rapper, which she announced on July 3. This exciting footage from TMZ follows pictures of Halsey leaving Travis Scott’s MTV VMAs after-party in New York City on Aug. 20, holding hands with none other than her “ex” boyfriend!

A fan at the concert captured even more footage of the “Bad at Love” singer rocking out! This time, Halsey crept closer to the stage and past the front-row barricade to enjoy G-Eazy’s performance of “Him & I.” Understandable, since this is the 2017 duet Halsey recorded with the star of the concert himself! “Halsey made an appearance during @G_Eazy “him and I”. She kept it super low key and she was singing the worlds to him,” the fan captioned the video. “Beautiful moment, I’m so happy to be able to experience that moment. True love.” And if a crowd of eye-witnesses aren’t enough, a source close to Halsey and G-Eazy spilled EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife on Aug. 21 the chances of the two getting back together. “Things aren’t back to normal just yet, but they’re working on things. Hopefully this will lead to them getting back in each other’s good graces,” the source revealed.

Judging on the video below, it at least looks like Halsey’s in good spirits again! A month before Halsey publicized her split with G-Eazy, the rapper was arrested for alleged cocaine possession and assault in a Sweden airport on May 3. Halsey was with G-Eazy when it went down. So what happened during G-Eazy and Halsey’s hiatus? “G has been trying to get Halsey back since they split. He’s still so in love with her — he hasn’t stopped,” our source also shared, and added, “At first she was so angry, she completely cut him off. But then, once her anger started to fade, the pain of missing him kicked in.”


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