So here are the 7 best ways to use them –

1. The Blood Purifier
Tired of covering up those zits with concealer every morning? It’s time to tackle the root cause of acne by purifying your blood from inside to get healthy skin on the outside. Take two cloves of raw garlic with some warm water everyday, early in the morning and consume a lot of water the entire day. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of luke warm water and have it with 2 cloves of garlic in the mornings. Garlic will help to cleanse your system and flush out toxins.

2. Cold and Flu
Garlic is going to provide you relief from that stubborn cold and flu (yes, they absolutely love you and never want to leave). Taking 2-3 cloves of raw or cooked garlic a day or sipping some garlic tea (with a touch of honey or ginger to lift up the taste) is not only going to relieve a stuffed nose and cure the cold but also build your immunity against these frequent visitors over time.

According to Dr. Shikha Sharma, Delhi-based Health and Wellness Expert, and founder of Nutrihealth says,” One of the earliest uses of garlic was by meat-eaters because it was believed that meat could cause infection which garlic could fight off from the body. More commonly used by labourers who are exposed to infections and disease-friendly environments till recently, its plethora of health benefits has made white-collar workers also take to it.”

She added, “Garlic can be added to hot stews, broths and soups to fight sinusitis, cold and flu. And garlic is best had in its raw state.”

3. Prevention of Heart Disease
Consuming garlic on a daily basis (in food or raw) helps to lower cholesterol levels because of the anti-oxidant properties of Allicin. It is also immensely beneficial to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is essential to remember that the sulphur-containing compound Allicin tends to lose its medicinal properties when garlic is cooked whole. It is imperative to consume garlic raw or semi-cooked to derive any of its benefits.


    • You can smash and swallow like a pill, no question of smell.
      I am an Asthmatic, I am taking one Garlic a day, Asthma found really in control at least for 2 years, now the effect of Garlic has reduced, now it will be under control for 6-8 hours once after consuming Garlic. My wife is also Asthmatic, however if she consume Garlic, she will have constipation and other issues. It will not be suitable for all. Depends on their body nature. You can try for 4-5 days and continue consuming.

    • Yes it can be taken in summer but reduce it to two cloves.Regarding the smell you can crush the garlic keep it open for a minute then add a spoon of honey and consume it with warm water . You will have no smell try it.

  1. I have taken three clove of garlic every morning with two glasses luke warm water for some years. I squeeze half a lemon and add one tablespoon of honey to the water. I wonder if my breath drives away persons from intmate conversation?

  2. I am using garlic for the last 15 years. It isvery useful in sugar control.blood pressurr and other serious ailments.

    • Oftentimes, fibrous foods, especially gas-producing vegetables (i.e., onions, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, and beans) can cause painful attacks and uncomfortable gas.

    • IBS , constipation and its further manifestation of Piles Hemorrhoids can be treated well with Indian Gooseberry (AMLA , Hindi /Sanskrit) .

      Once IBS situation is under control you can may take garlic as medicine for other ailments without hesitation.

      You can try one herbal remedy which worked for me: Early Morning, Empty Stomach take two pieces of Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, also known as emblic or AMLA in Hindi and Sanskrit Language) extract its Juice with Green Oranges (Mausami In Hindi), take one glass of this mixed juice (250ml -300 ml) . Try not to intake any food for up to one hour after this. Similarly take one glass at night. I hope, IBS will come under control. within 3-7 days if everything else is normal.

  3. Garlic and its products are beneficial inany ailments. I have with my many student research scholars have carried research work , even we tried many disulphides and their derivatives ( disulphides are the components of garlic and other allium group plants ).
    These are therapeutically useful in hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis also as an anticarcinogenic.

  4. Traditionally Garlic is one of the component of Masala which is used for making fish curry.Hence fish eaters consume it indirectly

  5. I’m a diabetic from 1997, I read the benefits of two cloves of crush garlic with half a medium spoon with honey, as I took every Morning in empty stomach my left hand which was paining slowly vanished and my skin rash also no longer itching. Thanks for the suggestion earlier.

  6. I am using garlic boiled in hot milk and drink It every day before going to bed. I am a high BP patient and use of garlic has helped me partly in controlling Cholesterol, liped profile and LDL,HDL. I am also on medication. Total dependence on garlic is not advisable.

  7. I use to consume one clove garlic in empty stomach in the morning. Is it benificial for improving my eye sight?

  8. This is a very good remedy for any infection. I had an ear infection once and was told to chew some garlic, as challenging as it was to my taste budds, it immediately started to attack the infection. Amazing. Also for flu.


  10. I followed your advice and went to my doctor to ask if I could eat 4 cloves a day, but she had no meaning of that.

  11. We put garlic in every chutney.It is ground with other raw ingredients so overall excellent for health..use as a spread on almost anything even as a salad dressing.

  12. Some spiritual organisation like OM SHANTI has suggested that garlic should not be used forever …what about that.
    How can I understand them ..for benefits of garlic

  13. Thanks for the very useful information. Some organizations and religious beliefs are against the use of garlic and onion without any scientific reasons.

  14. Although we are consuming garlic in preparing regular food yet are taking 2 cloves in the early morning with warm water before going to morning walk and we have succeed to control the blood sugar as well as blood cholestrol.


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