Camping is a great way to skip all the city noise and have a short family trip together. Even if you’re a group of bachelors, camping will give you an outlet for all the work stress during the week.

But in case you’ve decided to camp, and are fretting about safety, bugs, packing or bad weather, don’t worry! We have all the tips and tricks for you to enjoy hassle free:

1. Repel insects the ‘Au Naturel’ way

Forget those smelly bug sprays because it might kill them insects, but it wouldn’t let you sleep either. Stuffing shoes with socks or rolled clothes can prevent insects from getting inside while you doze. You could also burn a bunch of sage leaves over your campfire to shoo away the mosquitos. Balance the burning odour with some lavender and rosemary hung above your head to help you sleep.

Lounge in a hammock

Unlike all others who would probably carry the old lounging chairs and all sorts of foldables, carry your own unique style along. A hammock can be very convenient and easy to set up anywhere there are 2 sturdy things for tying it on. Think of two trees for the purpose! And a win-win for those who hate bugs, because it would be high above the ground keeping all the crawling ones away.

2. Location is everything

Instead of camping in your backyard, or the back of some filthy block on the beach, go find some new interesting places to camp on! It could be a national park, a hilltop, a secluded beach, an off path nook under the stars, or any other place with a view at least in one direction!

This way you’d be closer to nature and crowds. Also, you could click all the pictures you want keeping the camping spot to yourself.

3. It’s all about how you pack

Keep containers with lids just in case it starts raining out of nowhere. Containers can store all the things you don’t want to get wet while you could be safe in your car away from the muck that’s being created by the rain.

4. Kindle joy

Keep your charcoal in empty egg containers to keep them from catching fire, or rain for that matter. But if you forget your coal at home, no worries. We’ve heard corn chips work just as well too!


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