5 Summer Breakfast Ideas to Leave You Slurping

5 Summer Breakfast Ideas That Are Sure To Leave You Slurping

Summers come loaded with a bevy of yummy fruits and vegetables and there are a plethora of dishes you can incorporate in them summer breakfast.

Summers are here and we are preparing our tummies for all things summery and cool. A lot of us complain about the upset stomach and indigestion during these scorching months. According to experts, you should try to eat most of your meals at home, for you cannot be a hundred percent sure of the ingredients they use outside. Summer breakfast come loaded with a bevy of yummy fruits and vegetables and there are a plethora of dishes you can incorporate in them. You can make your mornings so much fun with all the summery goodness.

Here Are Delicious Summer Breakfast Ideas You Can Try This Season:

1. Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are fun, filling and so easy to make. Blend in your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts with yogurt, and there you have it, a true slurp-worthy affair! This smoothie packs two of our most favorite summer essentials – watermelon and strawberry. Topped with healthy chia seeds, this yummy smoothie is a perfect way to ward of early morning blues. 

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2. Strawberry Quinoa Pancakes

Quinoa is a fairly versatile ingredient, and high-end restaurants around the world are going all out in experimenting with the wonder pseudo-grain. The high-protein ingredient can be roasted and made into pancakes. Bathed in milk, dipped in orange essence, these pancakes are given a delicious final touch with a handful of strawberries on top. 

3. Oatmeal, Yogurt, And Fruit Breakfast Medley

This wholesome breakfast is one delicious protein booster. Packed with the goodness of oats, summer breakfast cooling yogurt, fruits, and nuts, this breakfast dish is sure to make your day.  

4. Bombay Toasty

Bombay toasty is perfect for those who love experimenting and making the most of what they have in their kitchen pantry. Pan-fried sandwiches stuffed with slices of summer favorite cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. You can also throw in a slice of cheese to make it richer. The fuss-free breakfast recipe is a hit across ages. 


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