10. Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera Concept – $225,000

Motorcycles are priced for their technical performance, designs, frameworks, and outlook. Another way is to manufacture only a certain number of them, to make them limited edition.

Ducati Macchia Nera may not compete with the other big bikes in this list in terms of pure speed—notwithstanding that Macchia Nera or Block Spot humorously suggests you could create a charred pavement behind while driving it—but titanium and carbon fiber materials to render it impressively lightweight at 297 pounds, artistic contribution by visionary designer Aldo Drudi, and only a number of them made available convinced most aficionados the price is justified to ensure the model makes it to their collection.

9. Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16 – $232,500

NCR starts with a $72,500 Desmosedici D16RR and reworks it to make it lighter and more powerful. The result: the $232,500 road missile NCR Millona 16.

Where does the money go? Carbon fiber everywhere on the M16, check, including load-bearing parts such as the frame, swingarm and wheels. The fuel tank, fairing, tail and fenders are carbon too. Mechanical parts are either titanium, right down to the bolts, or avionic-grade aluminum.

A stock 989cc V-four Ducati motor sends around 175 horsepower to the back wheel, but NCR has tuned the M16 to send 200-plus hp to the tarmac. Current-generation MotoGP suspension helps get that power down, and the M16 also uses race-style electronics with traction control, data recording and user-selectable maps.

Without gas, M16 is claimed to weigh at 319 lbs (145 kg), lighter than the regulation 330 lb minimum of a four-cylinder MotoGP bike.

8. Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series – $300,000

Back in 2007, many thought a $300,000 price tag for a big bike was insane, no matter if it sported the mostest in every detail that mattered. How times have changed, and in ten years  $300,000 easily lost its number one spot, instead going good only for an eighth place in the top ten most expensive big bikes in the world.


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