Apart from being a cultural abode, the city of Haridwar is also a foodie’s paradise. From chatpati papri chaat to spicy chhole bhature, the street food in Haridwar has got everything that’s mouth-watering and lip-smacking. And it is not just the lanes of Har Ki Pauri, but also of places like Devpura and Ranipur More that are lined with innumerable stalls and restaurants offering these famous toothsome North Indian delicacies.

But, since the city usually stays crowded with tourists, it is best to know what you must try on your next trip and from where. So, have a look at these 10 most famous delicacies that will actually leave you craving for more!

10 Famous Street Food In Haridwar That Will Leave You Craving For More

From kachoris, samosas, to tantalising jalebis, this place has it all! Find out how best you can treat your tummy in this pretty little town. Drooling already?

1. Aloo PuriAloo Puri

Famous across North India, Aloo Puri is undoubtedly the best street food in Haridwar. It is not only the signature cuisine of the city, but also an all time favorite be it for lunch or dinner. The puris are deep fried Indian breads that are served with tangy yet spicy Aloo ki Sabzi, and often accompanied with halwa on the side. This is an absolute must-have when you’re holidaying in the city.

Best places to eat: Mohanji Puri Wale, Chotiwala Restaurant, and Hoshiyarpuri

2. Kachorikachori

Just like Delhi, kachori has been a famous street food in Haridwar as well. Served along with with sabzi and chutney, it can be enjoyed as a quick snack at any time of the day. Though, this is the most common breakfast of locals. So, if this is something you do not want to miss, get up early in the morning and head out to the restaurants at Har Ki Pauri Ghat for savouring fresh and toothsome kachoris.

Best places to eat: Kashyap Kachori Bhandar at Gau Ghat, Bhagwati Chole Bhandar, and Chotiwala Restaurant

3. Rasmalai, Jalebi & moreRasmalai

Needless to say this city is a paradise for sweet lovers and sweets like Jalebi, Rasmalai, Rabri & more are a part of the must-have Haridwar special food. The sweets here are mostly made with pure ghee and are only served fresh on the plate. Whether you eat one or many, we can vouch that you’d end up craving for more.


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