We’ve all suffered through the seemingly inevitable trials of hot weather. Maybe you showered and left for work, only to realize when you got there that your commute got you all smelly and sweaty again; or maybe you have evening plans right after work, with no time for a shower. Long story short, you find yourself in the bathroom doing the time-honored summer beauty ritual of busy women everywhere. One hand rubs hand sanitizer onto your armpits while the other hand mops up forehead sweat from under your flattened bangs with a paper towel, and then the grand finish: a complicated yoga pose under the hand dryer in an attempt to dry everything off (but oh god, the heat of that hand dryer).

Seriously though, summer is supposed to be fun and it can be as long as you come prepared. For every annoying summer beauty problem, there’s an awesome beauty product out there that delivers a quick fix–and most of them are portable so you can reach for the solution while on the go. Ever wonder how you’re supposed to reapply sunscreen every two hours without messing up your makeup? There’s a fix for that. Wish you could wear short skirts and shorts in the summer without the dreaded thigh rub? You can! Tired of dealing with sweat stains blossoming under your arms and chest every time you go to a summer wedding or an important meeting? We got you. Noticing that your hair seems to smell entirely like smoke and sweat all summer long? You’re going to love this solution.

So scroll through to see the solutions for every one of your summer beauty woes, and then go enjoy your summer instead of dreading it. Say goodbye to thigh chafing and sweaty bangs for good. Stop worrying about midday odour and accidental sun damage. Wear that short skirt, put on as much makeup as you want, stop showering three times a day, and jump in the pool at that BBQ. Thanks to these genius beauty products, nothing can hold you back from having all the summer fun you want while looking and feeling effortlessly glamorous.


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