Karko: A Polish Women’s Brand To Find Best Plus-Size Clothing!


Karko, for the first years reliably constructed a situation in the neighborhood market, continually improving proposals with new products. Nonetheless, the Poland-based organization was all the while missing something. Then, at that point, in 2011, novel thoughts showed up and Karko figured out how to deal through online sales (used clothing).

On account of this, it acquired insight and extended the area of operation. In the following time of movement, the Karko put forth objectives and plans, and along these lines, essentially because of the Allegro platform, it became perhaps the biggest store in the business.

Find Best Clothes for Every Occasion at Karko

A plus-size woman in a red dress

Karko is a sales platform for unique clothes in PLUS SIZE sizes from size 38 to size 56, where the majority of the clothes are Karko’s own plans. Also, the best part is, they all are 100 percent sewn in Polish sewing rooms.

The vast majority of the merchandise is “plus-size dresses” at Karko in light of the fact that they are the organization’s claim to fame. While making its models, it was directed by the way that ladies look as alluring as conceivable to them. You will track down an exceptionally enormous scope of styles and colors for each event and season. Karko really bends over backward to guarantee that clients partake in another stylization that will turn into their #1. This will persuade them that they can purchase superb quality at a truly affordable cost.

The brand is an image of natural femininity and awesome well-being. Karko sews collections of her in which their clients look excellent and simultaneously feel better. Clearly, it is perceived that each lady has many faces and assumes many parts during the day: a morning conference (in the event that she’s working), an early evening time outing with the kids, and at night a heartfelt date with her better half. In the Karko online store, you will track down clothes for these and numerous different events.


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