8 William Shakespeare Most Famous Poems To Read This “World Poetry Day” 2023

Know the best poetry works by William Shakespeare, the "Bard of Avon"


5. Venus And Adonis (Famous Poem By William Shakespeare)

Venus And Adonis | William Shakespeare

Presumably Shakespeare’s most special publication, this sonnet portrays the story in Greek mythology of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Adonis, a very attractive young fellow. Enamored by Adonis, Venus attempts to entice him though Adonis is just interested in hunting. She blacks out when he scornfully dismisses her and dreading he has killed her, Adonis kisses Venus. She recuperates and they kiss once more.

The following day Adonis goes out boar hunting despite the fact that Venus has had a dream of him being killed by a boar. The vision materializes and Venus is devastated. Because of what occurred to her, from that point on, at whatever point people will love, there will constantly be doubt, dread, and bitterness. Among Shakespeare’s most famous works, Venus and Adonis contain talks on the idea of love and splendidly depicted perceptions of nature. If you are a poetry lover (or William’s), then this is among William Shakespeare famous poems you must read!

6. Sonnet 73

Sonnet 73 | William Shakespeare

Sonnet 73 spotlights the subject of advanced age and its impact on individuals. Shakespeare utilizes a progression of similitudes to describe the idea of advanced age. In the main quatrain, he compares it to the blurring of life like in late harvest time; in the second quatrain, he compares it to the blurring of light calling obscurity “death’s second self”; and in the last quatrain, he looks at it to the wearing out of the fire.

In the couplet, the speaker tends to his beloved, offers thanks for his veneration disregarding the actual weakening of the speaker and tells him “To love that well which thou must leave ere long”. Sonnet 73 is respected among Shakespeare’s most flawlessly created poems and is one of the most famous of his 154 sonnets.

7. Sonnet 130

Sonnet 130 | William Shakespeare

Sonnet 130 is indeed among William Shakespeare most famous poems. It  ridicules the idea of ideal excellence that was a show of writing and craftsmanship during the time. It looks at the writer’s mistress as various normal marvels; each time making a point that the magnificence of his mistress is clearly lacking for such correlations. In the last couplet of the sonnet, Shakespeare states that still, his beloved is however exceptional as any magnificence for whom such whimsical correlations may be made by specialists.


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