Iron Fist season 2 will debut on Netflix this September. Although most of Marvel’s Netflix TV shows have proven to be a success, the one that was the most unfavorably received was Danny Rand’s solo series. Under the guidance of showrunner Scott Buck, Iron Fist was largely stripped of the kung-fu and mythos that makes the character stand out. Through appearances in The Defenders and Luke Cage season 2, though, it appears they are taking the necessary steps to create the show fans want to see.

The second season is already done filming but marketing has yet to kick in. The oddest part to this is thanks to Luke Cage‘s debut, the release date of the next Marvel property on Netflix hasn’t been known. Thankfully, that has changed.

Marvel and Netflix confirmed during Iron Fist‘s season 2 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that the new season will premiere on September 7 at 12am PST.

The September release for Iron Fist season 2 marks a quick turnaround for the sophomore effort. It began filming in late 2017, so coming out in the fall of 2018 keeps up the remarkably fast rate Netflix continues to crank these shows out. It also leaves just a year and a half gap between the two seasons, which is only longer thanks to The Defenders.

The timing of this announcement, though, gives Marvel and Netflix little time to actually promote the series. There’s already less than two months until the show debuts, so a trailer is surely coming soon. Unlike marketing the first season, Netflix and Marvel are in a position where they have to win back many viewers who didn’t like what they saw in season 1. The footage being shown at SDCC sounds promising, and with Black Panther‘s fight choreographer involved, it is easy to see why the action is already sounding better.

When viewers do catch up with Danny Rand (Finn Jones) in season 2, it will be in a different state. After The Defenders, he promised to be the protector of Hell’s Kitchen now that Matt Murdock wasn’t capable. He’s shown the ability to be a more competent fighter in Luke Cage and even be a better hero and friend. This hopefully translates well in his solo series. At the very least, the upcoming season’s ability to bring the Daughters of the Dragon back together should be a highlight. Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and Misty Knight’s (Simone Missick) interactions have always been great, so hopefully viewers get to see much more of it this September.


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