Johnny Depp Spends $62,000 At Indian Restaurant In Birmingham After Winning Trial Over Amber Heard

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor was recently awarded $15 million by the court last Wednesday against Ms. Heard in the defamation case


On Wednesday, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp recently had victory over the highly-publicised defamation case imposed by her ex-wife Ms. Amber Heard. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ lead actor was awarded $15 million by a court in Fairfax, Virginia. The couple took a divorce back in 2017. We have already seen in many trial court videos how cool Mr. Depp acted, and seems very confident over the case.

After winning over, Depp has reportedly spent more than $62,000 (INR 48.1 lakh) with his friends on a special celebratory curry dinner. This expensive celebratory dinner took place in an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, England on Sunday evening. Authentic Indian Cuisine, rose Champagne, and cocktails were ordered by Depp’s squad at the Varanasi, billed as “Birmingham’s largest Indian restaurant”.

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Johnny Depp Had a $62,000 Dinner With His Friends

Johnny Depp Visits an Indian Restaurant in Birmingham with his Friends
Johnny Depp Visits an Indian Restaurant in Birmingham with his Friends

Johnny Depp was seen as very jolly, hugged, and spoke to the staff to maintain his security. His security checked the city center facility having 400 people at a time. To ensure his security and privacy, the staff did the needful. Mohammed Hussain, operations director of Varanasi told that the restaurant had a call out of the blue on Sunday noon, mentioning he got amused after getting to know that Mr. Depp is coming to the restaurant with his friends to celebrate the victory.

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Hussain further added “At first, I was shocked. I thought it might have been a big joke. But then Depp’s security team arrived and checked out the premises, and we let them have the whole place because we were concerned that he might be bothered by other diners”.

Mr. Depp Takes Pictures with Varanasi Restaurant Staff
Mr. Depp Takes Pictures with Varanasi Restaurant Staff

One of the highly-paid actors of Hollywood spent around 3 hours and an amount of $62,000, meeting the manager’s friends and family, and left with a takeaway bag. There’s no doubt that Mr. Depp is a cherishable man, that’s why he was declared a “Down to Earth Bloke” by the staff. The actor came with 21 people, including his musician friend and guitarist Jeff Beck.


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