Instagram is one of the most liked and used social media platforms around the world. Ever since Instagram Reels were introduced, the engagement went higher on the application. But, Instagram is recently looking forward to making another big change. The change will be basically replacing all the Instagram videos with Reels, which is the recent plan of the company to “simplify videos” on the application.

Instagram recently confirmed this change to TechCrunch, adding that the company is currently testing the change with selected users worldwide. An email from Meta stated, “We are testing this new feature as a part of our efforts to simplify the video feature and improve the user experience on the Instagram app”.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant shared a screenshot on Twitter. The screenshot stated that those who are a part of this change test will get to see an in-app message advising of the new changes. The new video change on the Instagram app will let you post a video from a public account, that will automatically turn into a Reel. Also, anyone who watches your Reel can also use your original audio to recreate his own Reel. However, if you don’t want any user to remix the reel with your original video, you can always change the settings.

If you are holding a private account, then your reel will only be visible to your followers and no new user can remix it.

When Can You Expect The Official Change?

The official release date of the Reel change on the Instagram app is yet to be announced as the change is currently under testing. The complete test will take time as the change comes with some challenges for posting. For example, Instagram users may find it difficult to post a horizontal video into a new vertical frame of the reel. Let’s see how the Instagram team will fix this problem before making the official change.


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