will smith and tom holland animated

Will Smith and Tom Holland voice a suave super-spy and his ungainly tech-whiz in the first trailer for Blue Sky Studios’ animated action-comedy, Spies in Disguise. The film is loosely based on Lucas Martell’s 2009 cartoon short Pigeon: Impossibleand marks the feature directorial debut for longtime Blue Sky animators and story artists Nick Bruno and Troy Quane.

Spies in Disguise revolves around Lance Sterling (Smith), the greatest spy in the world, and Walter Beckett (Holland), the socially inept scientific genius who invents the gadgets that Lance uses to save the day. However, when an unexpected event puts the entire human population in danger, it forces Lance and Walter to step out of their respective comfort zones and find a way to really work together as a team. Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, Ben Mendelsohn, Masi Oka, and Khaled “DJ” Khaled are also lending their voices to Blue Sky’s animated espionage adventure.

The Spies in Disguise trailer is now online and is expected to screen in theaters with Disney’s live-action family film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, starting this weekend. Check it out below, followed by the character banners for Lance, Walter, and the rest of their team; including, Agent Marcy Kappel (Jones), “Eyes” (Gillan), and “Ears” (Khaled).spies in disguise

The premise and trailer indicate that Spies in Disguise is a comedic riff on the dynamic between James Bond and his gadget man Q from the Bond franchise, bringing to mind how Paul Feig’s action-comedy Spy features Melissa McCarthy as a Moneypenny-inspired CIA desk agent who goes on a field mission for the very first time. Of course, Spies in Disguise will be a much more family-friendly offering than Feig’s decidedly R-rated parody of the Bond films, in keeping with Blue Sky’s previous animated features.

Fox pushed Spies in Disguise back from its original April 2019 release date to September 2019 earlier this year, but the delay may have less to do with concerns about the film’s quality and more to do with Fox making adjustments to its release schedule, after its deal with Disney is finalized in January. At the moment, the film is set to serve as counter-programming to the Stephen King horror movie sequel IT: Chapter 2, which opens a week earlier.


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