crazy rich asians

Romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians continued its dominance of the box office by winning its third straight weekend. The end of the summer has a tendency to be a dead zone in terms of commercial viability, but this film has proven to be the exception to the rule. After scoring the genre’s biggest opening in three years, Crazy Rich Asians held phenomenally well in its second frame by dropping only 6.4 percent.

While the enthusiastic word-of-mouth certainly deserves much of the credit here, it hasn’t hurt that Crazy Rich Asians hasn’t faced much in the way of direct competition. Several August releases have entered theaters with limited fanfare, and that was expected to be the case this weekend. Without much new opening, Crazy Rich Asians had another easy road to the top spot.

Per Box Office Mojo, the hit rom-com earned $22.2 million in its third weekend. That’s another strong hold (only a 10.4 percent decrease from last week) and raises its domestic total to $110.9 million. Considering the production budget of only $30 million, it’s no wonder Warner Bros. has green lit a sequel. Crazy Rich Asians has turned a sizable profit for the studio already, and it should be able to pad its haul over the next couple of weeks.

The week’s new arrivals failed to leave much of an impression with viewers. World War II drama Operation Finale came in fourth with only $6 million, most likely a byproduct of its lukewarm critical reception. Widely panned Kin earned $3 million and settled for a 12th place finish. Even the innovative tech thriller Searching, which was riding extremely positive buzz as it approached its nationwide expansion, fell short by coming in fifth. The John Cho vehicle earned $5.7 million over the weekend, playing in 1,207 locations. Going into Friday, some thought it had a shot to potentially challenge for second place, but obviously it didn’t draw sizable crowds. Perhaps it will have legs since it’s well-received.


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