6 Reasons Why You Will Hate New Year’s Eve 2022

christmas party hangover

New Year’s Eve 2022 sounds perfect with things like sparkling outfits, energizing parties, and new beginnings of your resolutions. Be that as it may, recall: When did you last have a great time on the last biggest holiday of the year? From overpriced and weirdly overcrowded bar drinks to horrendous hangovers and broken resolutions, here are the top 6 reasons Why You Will Hate New Year’s Eve and why it is just pathetic and overhyped!

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6 Reasons Why You Will Hate New Year’s Eve 2022

1. Drinks and food are WAY overpriced

On the off chance that you love going out on New Year’s Eve to live it up, anticipate that expensive cocktails should cost twofold their daily cost, and food to be smaller in amount and more expensive than on normal days. We could go on and on all day about the cost of Champagne, excessively expensive!

Is it true that you are single? You will 100 percent agree with our next reason!

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2. Pressure to have someone to kiss at midnight

HAHAHA, they call it a “GOODLUCK KISS”! If you don’t come to the party with a date or if you are still single, then New Year’s Eve is a big bummer. You will either stare awkwardly at your shoes at midnight, or you will deliberately kiss some random person at the party. NOT A GOOD IDEA

Are you a crowd-detesting person? Sorry, but you need to read the next point to ring a bell…

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