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Nebula actress Karen Gillan confirms her return on the set of Avengers 4 for reshoots. It was initially believed that the scheduled reshoots for the still-untitled film started several weeks ago, and were expected to last the whole summer, but as it turns out, it only began earlier this month as confirmed by a social media postfrom directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Not much is known with regard to plot specifics of the film, but considering where things were left in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s safe to assume that the surviving heroes, most of which are Phase 1 characters, will attempt to take down Thanos with the help of Ant-Man and Captain Marvel.

Much like Loki from the Thor franchise, Nebula started off as a villain type who executed her adoptive father, Thanos’ orders. But over the last two Guardians of the Galaxy films, fans eventually understood where her angst and resentment against Gamora were coming from. And even though she opted to separate from her sister and the cosmic team by the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it’s revealed in Infinity War that she kept close contact with Gamora. She ultimately switched sides and is currently one of the Avengers’ biggest assets against Thanos in Avengers 4, considering that out of all the surviving heroes, she’s the only one who really knows how the Mad Titan operates, having spent a lot of time with him.

Admittedly, people were expecting Nebula to play a more prominent role in Infinity War, given that her character was a key player in the comics which the film was loosely based on. But with Gamora now gone, it makes sense that Marvel Studios will better utilize Nebula given that she’s the only remaining character who actually had a personal relationship with the Mad Titan. And it seems like that’s exactly what’s going to happen as Gillan is back for reshoots and is teasing filming the confrontation between the father and daughter in Avengers 4 via a post on her official Instagram account.karen gillan instagram story

While all of the heroes now have a personal grudge against the Mad Titan since each of them lost someone they’re closely connected with during the galactic purge, one can argue that Tony Stark/Iron Man and Nebula are really the ones who have the strongest motivation to defeat Thanos. The former due to the psychological torture he had to endure because of the threat that the villain posed, plus the continued anguish knowing that his worst fears have been realized, and the latter because of the years of physical and emotional abuse she went through thanks to her adoptive father. By the end of Infinity War, both characters, who barely know each other, were stranded on Titan and it’s entirely possible that they might team up to find a way to restore the order in the universe after Thanos’ deadly snap.

It’s unknown what Nebula’s fate will be once Phase 4 begins. While it makes sense that she officially joins the Guardians (if she survives the events of the next year’s ensemble flick), it’s quite difficult to predict how things will pan out for the entire cosmic team following the firing of director James Gunn who was the mastermind of the beloved Marvel subseries. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which was supposed to pick up after the events of the twin Avengers sequels, is now on indefinite hold. Apparently, this might even change the character arcs for the teamin Avengers 4 to ensure that they’ll be left at a place where there’s no rush to immediately attend to their future solo adventures.


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