Don’t count G-Eazy and Halsey out just yet! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why he never wanted to breakup, why he sang their duet on ‘GMA,’ and how he’s trying to get her back!

Is there hope for G-Eazy and Halsey?! Despite Halsey’s split announcementon July 3, G-Eazy is making it clear he still has feelings for her. In fact, the rapper performed their duet “Him & I” on the July 6 episode of Good Morning America, and it was all a part of his plan to win her back. “Halsey is the one that initiated this breakup. He did not want things to end and has been trying to get her to change her mind. It’s not a surprise that he picked their song to do on GMA, he’s not ready to let this go. He’s been trying every way he can to get her to change her mind and take him back,” a source close to G-Eazy tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“Choosing to do ‘Him & I’ was a clear message to her. It was their anthem, the soundtrack to so many of their good times,” the insider continued. “With their breakup so fresh, the song makes her emotional. It brings back all the memories, and her friends are convinced that’s what he was trying to do,” the source added. While we’d certainly be here for a reunion, Halsey said her statement, “I’m eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and career, and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best.” So, maybe G should give her a little space… for now.

Plus, she was spotted out with her ex-boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly on June 28, just a few days before her split with G-Eazy. While it’s possible they are just friends, it may also be a sign that she’s moved on. Nevertheless, we wish them the best during this time.


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