5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Kids They Would Make This 2023!


Well, New Year is a time of a new beginning, not just for the year, but also for your habits! Ah, many people out there take resolutions to stop being a jerk and make wise decisions, right? But, a bunch of resolutions is forgotten like anything. Anyways, this blog is not for those adults, but for sweet kids (now don’t take your kids are not innocent, hahaha). Learn about Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids they would take to be a “Star Kid” for you! Insist your child takes these resolutions, and maybe they come out differently!

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5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

We all have always talked about adults when it comes to resolutions, but why exclude your kids? After all, they should also take it (like you taste every year, and fail miserably :D). Below are the Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids to try this 2023-

1. Coloring on paper and not on your walls

Powerpuff girls gif

Well, the favorite activity of kids is spoiling home walls, making incredible art, and competing with Picasso. Especially, when you are living in a rented apartment, your landlord may not entertain his/her exceptional art, right? Come on, gift your child a couple of drawing from books, so that he merely finds time to find the best wall to spoil!

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2. Having a decent haircut and not an unsanctioned one

Funny haircut gif

Okay, we agree your child is inspired by many Hollywood stars, demanding some bizarre haircuts. We hope dd is also having a decent haircut. Because that can inspire your child to be like his dad. Just tell your child how ugly he sounds when he demands such haircuts. This is among the Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids we hope your child will agree to!

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3. Stopping my parents read me the same book each night

A comic horror gif

Not this is one of the Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids and they will 100% agree. Well, do you recite fancy stories to your kids every night? Okay, he loves it, but why don’t you try different books for God’s sake? He gets bored (he literally told us last night :D) after listening to the same stories! Update your collection of books and your child will get a sound slumber… (Also learn about 5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Senior Citizens In 2023!


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