5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs This 2023

3. I won’t be a night owl (and watch my owners strangely)
Cats become DJ gif

Haha, this is among the Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs that every pet keeper will agree, ain’t you? Dear pets (especially cats), don’t act like an alien (though, we doubt you are!) and mooch around your owner’s bed and stare like a witch! Keep calm, and dream of hunting a chicken (but don’t make a noise)…

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4. I will learn to change TV channels

A dog watching tv

Dear owner, I always feel awkward when you leave me home alone with those TV channels like Animal Planet. I get scared like a wild animal will come from a corner, ready to make me prey. Okay, we suggest you learn how to change TV channels (we personally believe you will learn, and that’s a big joke)!

Is your owner fat & lazy? Get him to read the 5th resolution

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