5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs This 2023


Well, New Year’s Resolutions are not so limited to kids, adults, and senior citizens. Your pets are also curious to celebrate it (okay, you can giggle). Okay, we are talking about Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs (we love them as you do). Ever heard about a pet taking New Year’s Resolutions (just like it never takes you seriously, hehe)? If not, you will learn about their feelings, by reading the blog dedicated to your amazing pets at home.

5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs

We mean, why not? Yes, your pets can also celebrate New Year by pledging to awesome resolutions. Below are the 5 Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs, that they are curious to appear for (and finally fail, wagging their tail)-

1. I will stop expecting to become an internet celebrity

The grumpy cat gif

Well, this is among the Funny New Year’s Resolutions For Cats & Dogs, as we have seen many pets like the Grumpy cat (late) and Lil Bub (RIP) became internet stars, which also raised awareness of the medical issues of cats and other pets. Other pets include Juniper the Fox, JiffPom the Pomeranian, and Pumpkin the Racoon who took Instagram worldwide. Okay, we agree with your expectations, but why expect, you are already a star for your owner, right?

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2. I will finish my meal at once

A dog licking gif

Ah, cat owners will 100% agree to it. Got a cat? We saw cats meowing aloud for food, but as soon as the food comes, they only finish a small potion and escape. Dear cats, it’s time for you to take a resolution. Else we will let your vet perform declawing! 😀

Dear pet, are you a night owl? You gotta read the 3rd resolution…

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