Floyd Mayweather Jr. has escalated his feud with 50 Cent to a crazy new level. He called him a ‘herpes infested rat’ and offered fans a chance at winning $1K for their biggest online disses about the rapper.

Just when we thought the feud between former boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr., 41, and rapper 50 Cent couldn’t get any more ugly, Money has taken things to a bizarre new level. On July 23, he took to his Instagram to challenge his fans to call out Fiddy in the most cruel of ways by declaring “The Biggest Rat Sweepstakes” against his enemy. He posted a photo of a very gaunt looking 43-year-old and a bunch of actual rodents surrounding him. In the caption Floyd asked, “To Enter: 1st, Tell me how many rats are in this picture?

Then the cash challenge was on. He then wrote “2nd: Go to 50cent IG, twitter and Facebook and post the most disrespectful comment you can possibly think of about The ‘Herpes Infested Rat’ 50cent.” He followed it up with
“3rd: Repost On Your Page #50CentGotHerpes • I Promise… The Top 9 Shots Will Receive $1,000 Each & A Reposts On My Page.”

While many fans were totally on board and wanting to win an easy $1K, others called him out for being a total thirst trap for this stupid feud. “This made me thirsty just reading it,” one fan wrote while another told him, “U a fool 4 this one.” Another told him the man worth upwards of $700M was being a tightwad, writing “@floydmayweather u are cheap, all that money & only giving away $1000 Lol u mad @50cent all the way!!!!”

This comes hours after Floyd claimed to own a watch that is as expensive as Fiddy’s 2018 net worth. In an IG pic of the rapper with a rat superimposed on his t-shirt next to a diamond encrusted watch, he said 50 was only worth $20 million while his watch cost $18 million. Next to the photo he wrote “You’re Not Supposed To Be Beefing With Me. You’re Supposed To Be Beefing With My WATCH. Me And You Are Not On The Same Level!!!”


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