5 Worst Video Games Of All Time According To The Players!


Okay, it’s time to talk about the worst video games of all time. Wait, worst? Yes, it’s also important to know the dumbest video game ever (as per the users and critics). Surprisingly, gaming companies like Nintendo released some pointless games (not to forget Nintendo’s best-selling games) that users found futile to spend money for! So, it’s time to learn about those 5 games in the market that didn’t do as expected. Check them out!

5 Worst Video Games Of All Time

Developers work hard day and night to meet the expectations of gamers. But, we have seen that many games simply flopped the show. Reason? We think it’s a lack of research, maybe! Let’s learn about those worst games of all time that players overall detested-

1. Deal Or No Deal (Platform: Nintendo DS | Metascore: 20)

A still from the Deal Or No Deal game

The dumbest video game ever as per users is Deal or No Deal! Although the game was a huge hit of the game show, it never came out to be a nice video game. It features meaningless numbers, robbed of any tension, without the stakes of real money being on the line. Also, the game totally removed the random chance by always putting up the money in the same cases (when you reboot the system, it defeats the complete point of the game). Pathetic?

2. Infestation: Survivor Stories (Platform: PC | Metascore: 20)

A still from the Infestation: Survivor Stories game

Ah, why else don’t love zombie shooting games? Well, the Infestation: Survivor Stories is something as bad as destroying the genre’s popularity. Though, the game is well-reviewed in the alpha state, it let down the expectations of the gamers in its final release version (that made almost no improvements). This made it among the worst video games of all time.

The next game is as dark as its name. Read next for sure!

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